Learning During Lockdown has Helped our Students Literally Aim for the Stars!


The Summer break has afforded our students time to relax and rejuvenate before the new academic year, but in the case of one of our Level 3 students, it gave her time to explore further her passion for Physics. Azizah Abdul aspires to become an Astronaut or Astrobiologist and has spent her summer break studying Astronomy, specifically using Faulkes Telescopes to take and produce imagery. 

Alongside three other female students and under the guidance of her Physics tutor, Mr Simpson, Azizah is learning exactly what it takes to pursue and succeed in her chosen career path. As well as learning with the academy, she was fortunate enough to be signed up for the Cardiff University Physics Summer School. By way of this, she has met (online) Dr Chris North (Astrophysicist), who is a colleague of Professor Jane Greaves (Astronomer), the scientist who led an international team of astronomers that recently made the discovery of Phosgene on Venus and possible signs of extremophile life. 

As well as learning the essential processes and skills she needs in order to achieve her goals, Azizah now also has the opportunity to learn from esteemed individuals and most significantly, a female pioneer in the word of Astronomy.

We are immensely proud to have so many students showing such high-level interest in our STEM subjects, and equally proud of the dedicated staff who ensure students are given every opportunity to learn further from experts in their fields.

Like most budding scientists, Azizah is motivated by a love of discovery and a deep pursuit of knowledge; we look forward to seeing how her endeavours culminate in the coming years.

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