Sport at the Academy


Sport plays a fundamental role in life at The UCL Academy. We believe that promoting the positive values of sport and physical activity has great benefits for students personal, physical and social development. It is our aim that by the time every student has left the Academy they will have either participated in an extra-curricular sport or represented the Academy in competitive fixtures. We strive to promote the Academy attributes through our sporting programme and are thrilled to see students dedication, passion, drive and joy when they participate.

Throughout their time at the Academy, students have the opportunity to compete in 3 major house competitions; Foundation Athletics Day, Battle of the Houses and Sports Day. These competitive days of sport provide students with the opportunities to collaborate with students across all other year groups to achieve a common goal. Students are able to share in the pride, collaboration and community spirit fostered by these events. Alongside these events, we compete in a wide range of sporting fixtures from Football and Basketball to Table Tennis and Athletics. All students have the opportunity to represent the Academy in competitive sports and all we ask is commitment and a sense of community to ensure everyone is involved.
In addition, we provide an extensive range of extra-curricular activities for students to participate in from Cheerleading and Trampolining to Fitness and Boxing to Cricket and Rugby. Whether you are looking to hone your skills and play competitively or participate for social and health reasons, there are plenty of opportunities to engage in high quality physical activity.




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