What does it mean to be a good leader?

We want every one of our students to leave the Academy knowing they have the opportunity to be a leader, in whatever capacity they choose. We want them to be good communicators, effective directors and responsible individuals. And that’s why our leadership programme is essential to every Sixth Form student, irrespective of their desired career path.


Through a varied and considered programme, our students will have the opportunity to develop their social, moral and cultural understanding of the world they live in. They will develop crucial skills needed to be a leader, such as collaboration, accountability, negotiation, debating, taking responsibility and problem-solving.

The Student Leadership Team is a democratically elected body. Staff and students vote for the key roles of Head Girl and Head Boy and their two deputies. The Student Leadership Team benefits from specific leadership training from external partners to support and enhance this role. This team in turn leads the Student Ambassadors and are the main forum for Student Voice.  


A message from the current Student Leadership Team:

“The opportunity to be part of the Student Leadership Team is beneficial as it establishes a communication system between students and teachers. Playing a major role in this, we have had the ability to strengthen student voice. The diversity of the Academy is reflected in the mix of students who are part of the student leadership team. It includes students from all backgrounds in the local area. It also has students who have been in the school for seven years and those who have recently joined”.