17 x 17 Experiences

The UCL Academy’s 17 x 17 programme reflects our ambition that all of our students should leave with the cultural capital to benefit them throughout their lives. It aims to facilitate social change by giving our students life experiences throughout their years at the Academy that they will be able to refer back to in future, enabling them to stand out, as well as develop cultured, well-qualified, internationally minded, proactive autonomous ethical citizens, ready to make a positive difference in the world.

The programme works on the principle that students should experience 17 memorable experiences by the time they reach 17 and we support students by enabling and supporting them to access all 17 experiences. To ensure this happens students will also be encouraged to actively seek experiences themselves within each theme which are detailed below.

Knowing ourselves is fundamental to knowing where we want to go in life and how we want to improve ourselves. It also helps us to anticipate when we might find things difficult and ways we can overcome challenges. The more we put ourselves into different situations and experience new things, things outside of our comfort zone, the better we really know who we are.



The Aims of 17 x 17 Experiences

  • To facilitate real social change by increased opportunities for all students at The UCL Academy with an equal chance to build cultural capital;
  • To give students life experiences that they will be able to talk about and write about which will make them stand out from others in a modern competitive world;
  • To develop cultured, well qualified, internationally minded, proactive ethical citizens ready to make a positive difference in the world;
  • To commit to education for global citizenship, which promotes the value of learning and skills developed outside the classroom;
  • To promote autonomy by actively encouraging students to take charge of their choices and experiences which will challenge and stimulate them.