Introducing Our Curriculum

The UCL Academy is an exciting and inspiring place in which to learn, offering high quality teaching and outstanding facilities. For more detail on how our innovative curriculum works to develop the whole person, visit our pages setting out the distinctive features of our curriculum and practice.   

At the Academy we believe that students learn best when they are able to apply their specialist subject teaching to wider societal themes and our curriculum aims to put that principle into practice.

Students have encounters with excellence built into their educational experience throughout their time at the Academy, starting on the very first day, which they spend on UCL’s Bloomsbury campus meeting the professors and students who will help guide them through their school journey.

Whether through partnerships across all our subject faculties, through trips and visits to London’s leading cultural highlights or working with exceptional organisations in the fields of the performing arts, sport and STEAM, students at the Academy are inspired to achieve excellence in whatever field of study they choose to take. 

We offer a broad curriculum specialising in maths and science, and every student studies at least one modern foreign language, one option being Mandarin. PE plays an important role in the Academy, and we have a sports hall, an indoor and outdoor gym and a dance studio all on site.

A major feature of The UCL Academy is education for global citizenship. We are committed to preparing students for the intellectual, social and personal challenges of their future lives and careers. Our curriculum and ethos shape students’ understanding of their social responsibilities and what it means to be a global citizen.

Students benefit from enhanced autonomy in curriculum choice and a wide variety of opportunities to determine what they study. In return, they are expected to maintain high standards of work and behaviour. Our innovative curriculum, backed by the active engagement of UCL, along with a positive attitude to learning has resulted in strong academic progress and attainment by our students at all ages.

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