Troubleshooting issues with online tools 


For each of the online tools below please contact the member of staff named if you need to get a new login or access to each of the websites.

Remember, a lot of the time the website will give you the option of resetting your password yourself.


Website / Tool

Email to contact if you need support


Century (For Maths, English, Science and GCSE PE)


[email protected]

Click here for a short video explaining how to use Century

Click here for a guide for parents

Click here for a guide for students


Class Charts


[email protected]




Student self-sign-up. For more info:

[email protected]


Dynamic Learning / Boost



[email protected]




Students should contact their Science teacher


Fusion 360


[email protected]


Google Workspace (including Gmail, Google Drive and Google Classroom)


[email protected]


Sparx Maths



[email protected]




[email protected]


Pearson Active Learn


[email protected]




Student self-sign-up, or students invited to sign up by a teacher.


Seneca Learning



Students should contact their Science teacher or Computer Science teacher depending on which subject you are using it for.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What do I do if I am not confident in using any of the online tools that teachers recommend?

Contact the relevant teacher  – see above – and ask them for advice. Often YouTube or the website itself has some good guidance for students and parents. 


What do I do if my internet stops working at home or I cannot access it?

Students should speak to their teachers about ensuring they have access to physical work they can take home to work on.

However, if at all possible, consider using your local library, internet cafe or friend or family member who does have internet access.

In the event of any school closure (not including staff planning days and school holidays), the Academy will communicate to parents and students on the paper resources that will be available from the Academy for collection. This will be communicated by text, email, website and information available at the Academy itself. 


What do I do if I do not have a suitable device at home to help me get onto the internet?

Students or Parents can contact their Level Lead or form tutor, who will liaise with the Director for IT. 

Consideration will be made on a case-by-case basis on whether an Academy laptop can be loaned to a student to take home for a period of time.

The Academy carries out periodic audits of students who can access online learning at home and we support them wherever we can.


I have a smartphone with a data subscription/allowance?  Will this be enough?

Smartphones can be used successfully for things like checking email and accessing some websites.  However, if you need to do extended typing, such as for essays of any length, or prepare presentations, then a device like a PC, Mac, laptop, Chromebook, iPad or another tablet device would be more suitable and enable you to complete your task more efficiently and successfully.

With any device, the strain on your eyes, neck, back, wrists and fingers are things to consider. However, this can be more so on smartphones, which have screens that are generally smaller and, hence may pose a greater risk of certain physical strains.


If you have questions or concerns that we are not able to answer above please contact the Academy directly via [email protected].