5 Year Strategy Summary


Our vision
Students at the UCL Academy will experience an inspirational  world class education built on a culture of academic excellence, social responsibility and a transformational curriculum.

Our students leave the Academy with the tools, experiences, values, knowledge and skills to fulfil their potential and play their part as global citizens in the 21st century.

Our staff are committed to exploring, testing and reviewing the most effective teaching and learning to ensure that our pedagogy is the most impactful, innovative, and transformational it can be.

Our community is inclusive, supportive, open minded and engaged. We make the most of the support of our sponsor UCL, as well as community associations and global school partners and networks.


Our values

  • Excellence;
  • Collaboration;
  • Broad & balanced curriculum that educates the whole child;
  • Community (belonging & kindness).


This 5-year plan is the third in the Academy’s history, having been founded in 2012. Over the last ten years the Academy has established itself as a forward looking, welcoming and ambitious school. The priorities have been drawn from consultation with all our stakeholders, being students, parents, staff, Governors and Sponsor.


  • UCL’s Grand Challenges continue to inform our curriculum, especially the impact of Climate Change for students’ lives through UCL’s own new 5-year strategy;
  • The changing nature of the workplace. “Technology is changing the skills that employers seek. Workers need to be better at complex problem-solving, teamwork and adaptability. Digital technology is also changing how people work and the terms on which they work. Even in advanced economies, short-term work, often found through online platforms, is posing similar challenges to those faced by the world’s informal workers”;
  • Raising standards and developing staff. The Academy must first ensure high standards are evident in all areas of practice and demonstrate that to OFSTED and others. Investing in staff is key not only to securing this, but is a commitment to nurture the careers and professional growth of those who work for us. As a stand-alone Academy this is even more important for our sustainability;
  • Government policy for every school to be part of a strong trust. The UCL Academy, with its sponsor UCL, remains committed to exploring options for expanding the reach of its work with new partner schools.

1 The World Bank: World Development Report 2019, The changing nature of work.


Our 5 priorities for 2022-27

1. Outstanding behaviour and attitudes:

The Academy’s first priority is to ensure student behaviour and attitudes support excellent learning and personal development. Leaders will instil the culture. Academy staff must operate consistently in setting expectations, and systems must be effective.

2. Broad, ambitious and impactful curriculum:

The curriculum at the Academy not only provides a unique breadth of opportunity inside and outside the classroom, but also must ensure the impact of the curriculum results in the very best outcomes for all students. 

3. Outstanding staff body (highest standards, culture of no surprises,  research engaged):

The vision from UCL has always been to ensure that staff at the Academy have exceptional opportunities to develop and contribute to the wider education sector. The Academy’s  CPL program and our  focus on recruiting and developing outstanding staff who engage in research, remains at the forefront of the Academy’s work.

4. Outstanding whole-person education incl. a step change in parent and employer relations. Academy facilities are a centre for the community:  

Ensuring that our students continue to  experience a curriculum that educates the whole child,  inspired and enriched by the vision from UCL. The Academy will further build on this providing even more opportunities through a step change in parent and employer relations. 

5. Financial sustainability (fundraising program, prepare the Academy for a MAT):

The work of the Academy for the next five years and beyond must continue to be underpinned by detailed financial planning for sustainability. This always includes planning for a balanced budget. The role that fundraising will play will be central to that. So too will the strategy responding to multi-academisation and the financial support that may provide longer term.


Policies and Documents

All relevant and up to date Academy documents and policies can be found here:  

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