The House System

The Academy is organised around five Houses – Cygnus, Lyra, Vela, Orion and Equuleus – with every student and member of Academy staff belonging to a House. A student belongs to the same household for the duration of their time at the Academy, enabling them to build a strong House identity and to be provided with academic and pastoral support from those that know them best: their tutors, learning sets and Heads of House.

Each House is led by a Head of House. In all matters concerning a student’s overall well-being the tutor and Head of House are a parent’s first port of call.   

Each House has its own Superstudio space and canteen area. Every space in the Academy belongs to a household, and the members of that household are responsible for ‘hosting’ those facilities for the rest of the Academy community.  

Inter-House competitions form an important element of Academy life, with students competing in many areas, whether to score the highest in the Accelerated Reader programme, to achieve the most House Points and to achieve victory in our annual Sports Day.

The latest House point totals will be updated at the foot of this page and on our home page half-termly. The update at the foot of this page shows the house totals up to 10th June 2022.