The UCL Academy opened in September 2012 and is committed to ensuring a balanced and comprehensive intake for the Academy. We admit 192 students each year to the Foundation Level (Year 7) using the Common Application Form, adhering to Camden’s admissions timetable. Please note, priority is not given to applications from any specific school/s.

Open Events for 2024/25 Entry

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More information can be found in our prospectus:

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We are also delighted to be offering 18 Foundation places for students with an aptitude for the visual arts from September 2020. These students will be supported with an exciting and innovative programme of study both internally and externally through our UCL links.

The deadline to apply for the Art Aptitude assessment for entry to Year 7 in 2024/25 has expired.
Please click here to be directed to the ArtsAptitude Programme website page.

Please note that, as we are a popular and over-subscribed school, putting The UCL Academy as your first and/or only preference on the Common Application Form does not guarantee your child a place at the school.

If you believe that your child’s application warrants exceptional consideration, it is important for you to supply independent evidence to the school’s Social and Medical Panel from a reliable and verifiable source (for example, a clinical psychologist, paediatrician, educational psychologist ) and to make the case that The UCL Academy being the only school that can meet the child’s particular needs. For more details please write to us at [email protected].


Useful links/In-Year Application Forms

  • For the London Borough of Camden’s guide on applying for 2023 entry click here
  • For The UCL Academy’s entry in Camden’s secondary schools’ admission guide click here
  • For Camden Council’s website to calculate the distance between the Academy and your home address click here
  • For The UCL Academy’s Admissions policy 2024/25 click here
  • For The UCL Academy’s Admissions policy 2023/24 click here
  • For The UCL Academy’s Admissions policy 2022/23 click here
  • For The UCL Academy’s in-year application form (only to be used if your child is transferring schools during the school year and wishes to apply for a September 2023/24 start) click here for a Word form or click here for a PDF form.


Level 3 / Sixth Form

For information about applying to our Level 3 (Sixth Form) click here.