Academy Senior Leadership Team

Mr Gary Moore – Executive Principal

Mr S McBride – Principal

Mr S Ramalingam – Director of Finance

Ms A Pomphrey – Vice Principal

Mr T Bowen – Senior Assistant Principal

Ms S Maskell – Senior Assistant Principal

Ms C Davies – Assistant Principal

Mr C Kothari – Assistant Principal

Ms N Williams – Assistant Principal (currently seconded to UCL IOE)

Ms A Levesque – Assistant Principal, Head of Sixth Form

Ms S Allen – Assistant Principal

Mr D Adamson – Assistant Principal


Academy Faculty Leaders

Ms J McHugh – English

Ms S Khan – Science

Mr S Montillet – Maths

Mr E Chambers – Engineering & Computing

Mr U Ba – Social Sciences

Mr G Hillage – Modern Foreign Languages

Ms J Verity – Performance

Mr O Eyre – Humanities

Ms G Perkins – SEND


Academy Curriculum Leaders

Mr D Kirk – SENDCO for KS4 & KS5

Ms L Manning – Curriculum Leader –-Biology

Mr M Benguesmia – Curriculum Leader – Physics

Ms F Warsame – Curriculum Leader – Chemistry

Mr T Morgan – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS4 Science

Ms A Jahangir – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS3 Science

Ms V Chitsaz-Dastgerdi – Curriculum Leader –  Sociology

Ms I Kenny – Curriculum Leader – Geography (On Maternity Leave)

Ms H Rundle – Curriculum Leader – Geography (Maternity Cover)

Mr C Baxter – Curriculum Leader – RE and Philosophy and PSHE

Ms T Rama – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS4 English

Ms A Farzad – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS3 English

Ms T Campbell – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS3 Maths

Mr K Rago – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS4 Maths

Mr T Bourliakas – Assistant Curriculum Leader – KS5 Maths

Mr P Baxter – Curriculum Leader – Music

Mr A Williams – Curriculum Leader – Art

Mr U Toyyuab – Curriculum Leader – PE

Mr J Castano – Curriculum Leader – Spanish

Ms F Cole – Curriculum Leader – Computing

Mr F Cotter-Boston – Assistant Curriculum Leader – Engineering


Academy Directors 

Ms E Gruz – Director of KS4

Ms L Manning – Director of Careers

Ms S Maskell – Director of Initial Teaching Training

Mr S Zaidi – Director of AI & Google Deepmind Curriculum Innovation

Academy Level Leads 

Ms A Stevenson – Foundation Level Lead

Ms K Begum – Level 1 Lead

Mr D Asare – Level 1+ Lead

Mr J Bhunjun – Level 2 Lead

Ms S Hasan – Level 2+ Lead

Mr C Chivers – Level 3+ Lead


Academy Assistant Level Leads 

Mr L Kargbo

Ms J McKenzie

Ms A Ali

Mr B Cherif

Safeguarding Team 

Mr T Bowen – Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Ms E Geraghty – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms A Stevenson – Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Ms Val Russell – Safeguarding Link Governor


Key Administration Contacts

PA to the Co-Principals – Ms K Webb

Clerk to the Governors – Ms M Pope

Family Liaison – Ms N Rattrey

Data & Exams – Ms K Verkley

Admissions – Ms M Fisher

First Aid – Ms R Anand

HR – Ms L McManus / Ms S Hussain

Finance – Mr S McManus