House Competitions


At The UCL Academy we compete in 3 prestigious house competitions across the year. These house competitions are designed for all students to participate in a range of sporting activities whilst demonstrating a passion and commitment to their house. 


Foundation Athletics Day 

The first competition of the year takes place in the Autumn term and sees the Foundation students compete in a range of Athletics events. Foundation Athletics Day was born out of necessity when the school building was not ready for us to move into in our inaugural year and we needed somewhere and something to do for the day! After such a fantastic day we soon realised that this House Competition was a wonderful way to introduce our new students to the passion and dedication given to the House system.  With the honour of being the first ever sporting competition at the Academy, Foundation Athletics Day retains it’s place in starting a new year of House Competitions. Students spend the morning being coached by international athletes in a range of Athletics events, developing their skills, knowledge and understanding, before competing in the same events in the afternoon and battling for the honour of bringing home the Foundation Athletics Day shield for their house. 

Foundation Athletics Day roll of honour




Battle of the Houses

The second house competition of the year takes place in the Spring term. Battle of the houses takes place over 5 days, with 5 year groups competing across 6 sports; Tug of War, Dodgeball, Table Tennis, Football, Netball and Basketball. Students compete in their event to win points for their house, with all points being totaled at the end of the week to crown the Battle of the Houses Champion. 

Battle of the Houses roll of honour




Sports Day

Sports Day is the culmination of the competitive calendar and takes place in the Summer term. Sports Day consists of students competing in Athletic events to win points for their houses. Students compete in; Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put, Tug of War, 800m, 200m, 100m and relay. Taking place at Parliament Hill, Sports Day is the only competition that allows all students in all houses to be together on the same day. As a result the atmosphere is fantastic and Parliament Hill track is a sea of colour and noise as students and staff demonstrate their House loyalty. 

Sports Day roll of honour