Congratulations to our A Level Class of 2022


Staff and Governors at The UCL Academy could not be prouder of the achievements of this year’s A Level cohort. In spite of all the challenges of the past three years, so many of our students have achieved excellent grades across their subjects.

They have, as a result of their hard work and dedication, been rewarded with places at some of the country’s leading universities such as Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary University of London and the Universities of Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Warwick and York.

They are moving onto an impressive range of courses in STEM, Humanities and the Arts. For example, Comparative Literature, English, Fine Art & Art History, Economics, Environmental science, History, Law, Philosophy, Aerospace Engineering, Engineering & Architectural Design, Medical Sciences, Neuroscience, Pharmacy, Computer Science and Mathematics.

We are particularly proud that currently 6 of our students have confirmed places to study at our Sponsor UCL, fulfilling the dreams they had when they first started at The UCL Academy.

Co-Principals Robin Street and Simon McBride said “Students have done so well to achieve these results and move onto these exciting courses. They worked through their A Level courses during a period of much higher uncertainty than usual and showed determination and resilience that will stand them in really good stead for their future lives. We wish them every success.” 

As always, we are delighted with the performance of all our students and they will be proud of what they have accomplished. A few highlights below:



Nayeeb Choudhury

Having achieved a fantastic set of results; 4 A*s in Economics, Maths, Further Maths and Politics, Nayeeb is one of the Academy’s highest achievers this year. Nayeeb wished to thank the Maths department for their support in achieving his desired results, stating “my teachers helped at every step along the way”. Nayeeb is looking forward to taking his place at LSE to study Economics.


Nora Salam

Nora joined the Academy’s Sixth Form in September 2020. With an A* in History and 2 A’s in Psychology and English Literature, Nora has secured her place at University of Edinburgh to study History. Nora spoke about her passion for history and her gratitude for the support she received from the Academy throughout her time in Sixth Form, stating that ‘they cared a lot and always helped prepare for exams’.




Ali Sam Nateghian 

Ali-Sam, our Head Boy, was thrilled to achieve his results; 2 A*’s in Economics and Maths plus 2 A’s in Biology and Chemistry. Ali-Sam praised the teachers who worked hard to help him reach his potential and secure his place in September at University of Warwick studying Economics.




Mohammad Eghbal Sobhani 

With 3 A’s in Biology, Chemistry and Maths, Mohammad has secured his place at King’s College to study Neuroscience. Mohammed spoke empathetically about the pastoral support he received, both emotionally and mentally, and the willingness of the teachers to help with his exams preparation when needed, quoting that it has been “the best 2 years of my life!”.



Hana Molokhia

Hana achieved superb results of 3 A*’s in Engineering, Maths and Further Maths plus an A in Physics. Hana will be attending our Sponsor UCL in September to study Engineering and Architectural Design. Coming in as a new student to Sixth Form in 2020, Hana warmly talked about how welcomed and supported she felt, and the motivation her teachers provided. Hana said “my teachers pushed me in my studies and to stay in Further Maths, I wouldn’t have got the grades without them”.



Olti Llapashtica 

Olti has been a student at the Academy since Year 7 (Foundation). He achieved a wonderful set of results; 2 A*’s in Economics and Maths plus an A in Politics which granted him a place at University of Warwick to study Economics. Olti found the helpfulness of all departments and the learning environment pivotal to his success and is grateful that staff pushed him to achieve his best. Olti’s main learning point from undertaking his A levels was that “hard work pays off”.



Ylli Nici 

A student at The UCL Academy since Year 8 (Level 1), Ylli excelled in his 4 chosen subjects, achieving 3 A*’s in Economics, Maths and Further Maths plus an A in Physics. Ylli is excited to continue his studies in Maths at Imperial College London. Ylli spoke about the quality and consistency of his education at the Academy, which supported him in achieving his results, concluding that “consistency is king!”.


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