Artist-in-Residence Workshops Summer 2022


Key stage 3 students were thrilled to take part in an opportunity to work with contemporary artist Alexander de Cadenet this half term as part of a three-day Artist in Residency programme arranged in conjunction with AiR. 

Artistic practices were explained, with students learning how inspiration can come from a variety of sources. Alexander de Cadenet spoke about how meditation and reflection are key to his art practice and encouraged students to reflect on the minutiae of what they see and hear around them. Students listened to a film of blackbird song and contemplated the idea of portals before commencing with a range of experimental works. Students had access to a range of diverse materials, including coffee filters, food dye, and spray bottles; highlighting the way that art can be made without access to traditional and often expensive art materials.

Further inspiration was gleaned from a presentation of the kinetic sculptures of Alexander Calder. Students then worked collaboratively, using the components made in earlier workshops, to create a moving sculpture of their own; generating an installation where space and the flow of air became part of the work.




Working directly with an artist gave students first-hand experience of how an artist thinks about their work. Students embraced the cycle of inspiration, experimentation and reflection, embracing both control and risk-taking. More than simply an exercise in creativity, the workshops also enabled students to show the learning attributes of resilience and collaboration.


The final artworks are beautiful, displaying an array of mark-making, colour and compositional choices. They lend themselves to both careful scrutiny and at-a-glance appreciation. The dream-like quality of the outcomes are reminiscent of the work of Joan Miro and El-Anutsui. The 96 students involved should be very proud of themselves and the excellent work they have created which is currently on display in the Art Room.

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