Visit to The Royal Courts of Justice


The UCL Academy Law Society is run by students for students, with its 15+ Level 3 members meeting weekly to share their passion for everything legal, to cultivate their interests in Law and support one another on their respective journeys to a career in the field.

A typical meeting consists of essay presentations based on pre-agreed questions in all areas of Law, with each member having the opportunity to deliver an oral presentation, ultimately testing a students’ ability to construct and express an argument. 

Alongside the weekly meetings, members also research and plan a variety of activities for each school term, with the most recent being a visit to The Royal Courts of Justice. By all accounts, the day was a resounding success. Level 3 Law Society member, Stella Dionysiou said:

“The experience of both the Royal Courts of Justice Tour and the Old Bailey intrigued and deepened our knowledge of Law and the English Justice System phenomenally. We had a great time on our tour, learning about the institutions around Law and how they’re a significant part of London’s history. The Live Court Cases were also extremely fascinating, as now we have a better grasp on what we all want for our future careers. Best way to spend a planning day, this was an unforgettable experience!”.

Society members at the Academy have ample and varied opportunities to integrate ‘Law’ and its key learnings into their academic and extracurricular calendars; as well as attending live court cases, lectures at universities including UCL, they also participate in Law related work experience. 

Significant upcoming events are a tour of the Supreme Court in May, attending the annual ‘The Rule Of Law Lecture’ and the lecture, ‘In Conversation with David Lammy MP’.

Furthermore, one of our sponsor UCLs 6 Grand Challenges ‘Justice and Equality’ is an important event in the academic year for all staff and students, but understandably holds particular interest for members of the Law Society. When asked about the most recent Grand Challenges day last term, Level 3 Law Society member, Stella Dionysiou said: 

“The Grand Challenge ‘Justice and Equality’ is extremely applicable to Law, as well as everyday life. Justice is righteousness. Equality is the meritocracy we all deserve. In Law, as well as life, the central focus is to build a united society; to limit what’s wrong and encourage what’s right. Justice and Equality is a widely significant topic, as still, to this day, not everyone is educated on the morals within this”.

Undoubtedly one of the best examples of how our Connected Curriculum succeeds in its purpose; these students continue to extend their curriculum learning through initiatives such as Grand Challenges, while furthering their research, analytical and communications skills via their weekly meetings and a thoughtfully curated diary of activities.

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