Induction Day – 3rd September 2021


The transition from primary to secondary school is a challenging step for every child, but induction days are a great way to help them prepare for their new milestone. 

When a child starts secondary school, they will need to learn new skills. not just academic, but the everyday; finding their way around the school, paying for their own lunch, meeting and working with students from different primary schools, to name but a few.

These can all seem quite daunting at first, but our induction days are full of activities that will introduce your child to their new environment and hopefully relieve any anxiety they might feel about their upcoming move.

Induction day at the UCL Academy this year is the 3rd September. The planning of this day is ongoing and includes building a new website page dedicated to Year 6 Transition. This page will comprise all the information you and your child need in order to make their transition as comfortable as possible. Exact details of what the induction day consists of will also be published on this page, and when ready, will be announced through our usual platforms: the Parent Bulletin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. 

In the meantime, we can certainly give you an idea of what the day will entail. To begin, there will be a welcome assembly, during which students will be introduced to the Co-principals and other key members of staff. As important as knowing who key staff members are is knowing the Ethos and Values of the Academy and what it takes to be a successful student; this assembly provides the perfect opportunity to introduce the importance of these keystone objectives.

After the assembly, the fun begins; opportunities to learn through team-building activities, to meet and work with other Year 6 students and to discover the UCL Academy building. As well as these less formal activities, students will also have the chance to try out the sort of lessons they’ll be taking in Year 7. Taster sessions will introduce them to some of the Curriculum Leaders while familiarising them with the superb facilities of the Academy. This is when new students get a snapshot of how different their learning day will be and when their inquisitive minds really begin to open up to the opportunities that await them. 

All in all, the day is one of fun and exploration. Our ultimate wish is that every child ends the day feeling intrigued by their experiences, moreover, excited and confident about starting their new school in September. 



We very much look forward to welcoming all future students to the Academy on 3rd September.

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