Level 2+ Students Embrace Technology as a Learning Tool 

The UCL Academy recognises the role of technology in an ever-increasing digitised society. Moreover, we want to give students the edge they need to achieve their true potential.

With the introduction of two new online learning tools, we feel a significant leap forward has been made in this quest. The first of these tools is CENTURY and is currently being used by Level 2+ students preparing for their GCSE summer exams (the programme is currently available for use in Maths, English and Science). Every student is unique and has a different aptitude for learning, so one of the major advantages of this online tool is that it adapts to each student’s skill level and lets them learn at a pace best suited to their needs. The programme design ensures that individual strengths and weaknesses are noted, and learning is adjusted accordingly. From a teaching perspective, the live analysis which forms an integral part of the programme also means teachers have complete control over the workload and greater ability to give accurate feedback and suggestions.


CENTURY is a programme used by students, teachers and parents, all have access to the same platform and therefore have a greater insight into what each child is learning inside and outside of the school. As a result, parents have more ability to support and direct their child than ever before. For more detailed information on how this programme works, see the following link: https://www.century.tech/explore-century/parents/

As mentioned in an email circulated to Level 2+ students and parents, special classes will be available at the upcoming consultation evening in March. These are intended to help parents understand more fully the technology and the benefits to education.

The second of the tools is Adapt (https://getadapt.co.uk/), an app that helps students organise and plan for their exams. Success in exams depends to a large extent on how well a student prepares and this programme assists with developing key details such as revision timetables and techniques. The app database gives access to every exam topic in the UK, saving students precious time and energy searching for information online. It also acts as a motivation tool, tracking progress and allowing students to see their achievements on a personal online graph. All in all, Adapt will help lower stress levels and in turn allow the student to perform at their peak.

Adapt and CENTURY are both fun and dynamic tools which have been received extremely positively by our Level 2+ students. They have certainly made teaching more relatable and will undoubtedly make a positive difference in the upcoming summer exams.


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