Festival Week 2019

From amazing trips and inspiring workshops to a wonderful lower school summer party, Students and staff across the Academy had a great time celebrating this year’s Festival Week. Festival Week is truly one of the highlights of our year.

Monday 10th June

Sports Day

This year’s sports day was the wettest on record! However, the resilience, grit and enthusiasm shown by students and staff who battled the abhorrent conditions won through. Unfortunately, the conditions curtailed events but we have collated the points won and we are thrilled to let you know that Orion house won. Huge congratulations to Orion!

Tuesday 11th June

Try Something New Day

Try Something New Day has become one of the highlights of the school year and it proved to be a great

day with the weather being on our side! It really did live up to its name as staff and students alike got stuck into activities they would never normally have the chance to  experience or enjoy ranging from exploring Artificial Intelligence, BMX to Kayaking. The fun activities continued within school with students undertaking a variety of workshops to learn and hone in new skills in textiles and personal leadership amongst many others. This year we were also thrilled to secure workshops from the world-renowned Courtauld Institute of Art through which students were able to work with an artist and textile designer for the day. The carousel sessions also allowed students to move between the activities listed on the next page.

It was great to see our students engage with a variety of activities throughout the day, highlighting their creativity and collaborative spirit. The work the students produced from these workshops will be displayed in reception in the coming weeks.

Level 2 Careers and Employability Skills Day

The Level 2 Careers and Employability Skills Day, followed up by CV writing masterclasses and ‘how to revise’ sessions gave the students the chance to really impress us with the maturity and ambition they have exhibited.  A range of exciting and important careers related workshops were held and run by Barclays Lifeskills and Transformation Trust team, Brightside Volunteers, and our school’s Career Advisor. These were designed to help focus the students mind on a range of possible career options including Post 16, Job Interview Skills with an input also on the Engineering Sector and the importance of professional networks/the value of role models and mentoring.

Lower School Summer Party

On Tuesday evening we enjoyed what was our most well attended Summer Party since the academy opened. At the heart of this evening is one of our most dedicated and supportive parents, Steve Currid. The evening raises money for local charities, supports the spirt of festival week and most importantly ensures our students have a hugely fun evening out with all their friends. Steve, as always, our deepest thanks

Wednesday 12th June


Students explored three key themes during the PSCHE day through various workshops and talks; personal safety, climate change and sex and relationship education. The delivery of the workshops, from both our own staff and eternal experts, was very high quality. Students had a great day and enjoyed getting the opportunity to reflect on personal, local and global issues:

“It was useful to learn about the reality of gangs because it taught us that at the end of the day, if you get involved in gangs, you are likely to be at the bottom of the pile, and all the bad stuff you’d do would catch up with you eventually.” Dejaahn, foundation

“I watched this video about when plastic gets into the sea… it affects the coral reef, which means it can get into our food chain because if fish eat the coral and we eat the fish it could affect humans. I also learnt that methane is even worse than CO2 and that’s why people are suggesting that we don’t eat cows because they produce a lot of methane.” Jason, foundation

Thursday 14th June

Whipsnade Zoo

Nearly a third of the Academy enjoyed a day at the Zoo on Thursday. Students and staff alike thoroughly enjoyed the day and students were excited to show those members of staff who didn’t get the chance to go videos of bears and giraffes and described an amazing dog that can jump “from here to here”, and wanted to go back because of the brilliant view of the whole of London!

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