Covid Catch-up Premium

The government COVID-19 Catch-up Premium has been established to mitigate the effects of the unique disruption caused by Coronavirus. The grant will be available from the 2020-2021 academic year. The UCL Academy will use this funding for specific activities to support our students’ education recovery in line with the curriculum expectations.

As with all government funding, our leaders and governors will be able to account for how the money is being used. Therefore, the impact and spending strategy for this Catch-Up Premium will be reviewed at our Curriculum and Standards Committee meetings and the full governing body meetings throughout the 2021-2022 academic year.

The overall intention of the action plan below, is to ensure that the academy is able to operate in a Covid secure environment, and where the impact of transmission is reduced to all stakeholders. This action is helping to achieve higher student attendances than the national average. We also strive to negate the impact Covid may have on learning outcomes. The UCL academy is using this funding for the relevant actions mentioned below so that better educational attainment can be achieved.

Specific expected outcomes:
To close gaps in learning and ‘catch-up’ the curriculum, with a particular focus on those pupils who are most disadvantaged. All students are expected to achieve outcomes in line with their set targets.

2. To ensure students attend school to achieve full educational provision. UCL Academy students are expected to achieve a good level of attendance, with a particular focus on those students who are most disadvantaged.

Additional Action Plans:
At the UCL Academy, the following criteria is being used to guide the spending in order to
achieve the expected outcomes above:

1. Improved teaching and greater access to learning by using the Digital technologies
during the lockdown periods.

2. Targeting academic and pastoral support throughout the lockdown periods and subsequently.

3. Wider strategies such as Covid hygiene and prevention measures are undertaken to
reduce the Covid transmission. This enhances students’ attendance and the educational attainment.