Critchley Scholarship Visit to Royal Bank of Canada

On Thursday 4th April, a select group of 20 Level 2 and Level 2+ students, as part of the Critchley Scholarship Programme, were honoured and delighted to have a career visit to the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), located in the City. RBC’s key staff gave the students a very warm welcome and a chance to hear first-hand about the world of work and especially about the financial/investment banking sector. They met and held talks from various department within the bank such as the Head of European Investment Banking, VP from the Mining   Sector, Global Head of FX, Head of Branding & Marketing for Europe, Head of UK Credit Sale etc. Additionally, the students had a chance to see and experience the trading floor of this very successful international bank.

The key messages that the students took away from this visit were mainly about working hard, self-motivation, having the confidence to seize opportunity, and challenging stereotypes and expectations. There was another piece of advice about which Elizabeth and the RBC team were very passionate about – and that was the cultivation of networks/friends to support and empower in every step of their future careers. Many thanks to everyone at RBC for welcoming us and facilitating such a wonderful visit.



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