Critchley Scholarship Breakfast Meeting

A select group of 23 high achieving year L2 and L2+ girls had the amazing opportunity to attend a two hour breakfast meeting at Elizabeth Critchley’s home today (Friday 1st February). Elizabeth is a highly successful businesswoman, a Partner of Ripplewood Advisors Limited and the lady behind our wonderful Critchley Scholarship programme.

Ms Critchley gave the students a very warm welcome and a chance to hear first-hand about her upbringing and   professional experiences. She spoke about self-motivation and having the confidence to seize opportunities and challenge stereotypes and expectations. The message of not having a fear of failure and always asking for support was consistent throughout her speech.

This is the second cohort of students to be part of the programme and Elizabeth continues to inspire a generation of women  to think broadly and ambitiously about their long-term aims, goals ideas and opportunities. We are very grateful for her ongoing support and inspiration.


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