Student Praises Critchley Scholarship


In September 2018, two students were chosen from a group of high achieving female students to receive support and mentoring from Elizabeth Critchley, a successful businesswoman and a Partner of Ripplewood Advisors Limited. The Scholarship is a programme of talks and visits, helping to inspire students to be ambitious, confident and successful in their studies and future careers.

Iman Noah is one of the Academy’s first ever Critchley Scholars and has recently graduated.

Iman said this: “The Critchley Scholarship has opened many doors for me during my time at the UCL Academy, as well as for my future. It has allowed me to independently fund a volunteering trip to Cambodia during the summer of 2019 where I taught English to locals and helped with teacher training. Furthermore, the ‘Critchley Scholarship’ itself is a stand-out point on my UCAS application and CV. Not only did it provide a great talking point in multiple interviews, it’s also allowing me to fund my travel expenses for a paid internship with FTI Consulting in Malaysia. I’ve also saved part of the scholarship fund for travelling at the end of my gap year (if covid allows for that!).

However, the most invaluable part of the Critchley Scholarship has been the incredible mentorship I’ve received. Elizabeth has helped me with queries surrounding education, career and personal development. No matter what you choose to do with the scholarship, it will set you on a fast-track to making yourself an inspiration to other women, just like Elizabeth.”

Iman’s experience is testament to the success of the programme and undoubtedly upholds the belief “that the only ceiling to achievement is your own ambition”. Elizabeth Critchley

As the first Critchley Scholars complete their journey at the Academy, we look forward to welcoming two more students to this most prestigious of programmes. And as always, we would like to thank Elizabeth Critchley for her ongoing support and dedication.



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