The aim of The UCL Academy Mathematics department is to ensure that all students leave school having acquired a strong grasp of the key skills that will enable them to be numerate citizens, they will be mathematically confident and see the value of studying Mathematics. Our students will also develop the skills to think logically and analytically about a range of problems that they will encounter in the 21st Century.


Key Stage 3

All students cover the fundamentals of number, algebra, geometry and statistics in Key Stage 3 following our mastery curriculum. The mastery approach ensures topics are covered in greater depth which enables students to have a more secure understanding. In Foundation, students build on the knowledge and skills they developed at primary school – especially in the areas of number and geometry. Students develop a deeper understanding of algebra as they move through Foundation, learning how to manipulate expressions and solve simple equations. In Level 1, students apply the knowledge they have learnt in Foundation to more advanced applications such as prime factor decomposition, solving more complex equations and finding volumes of prisms. Once students reach L1P, they are introduced to concepts that allow them to solve complex problems, these include: Pythagoras’ Theorem, solving linear simultaneous equations and probability theory which are all essential for GCSE study.

Throughout Key Stage 3, students are given the opportunity to enter the Junior and Intermediate Challenge – a national competition.

Key Stage 4

Students encounter a range of interesting and challenging topics as they progress through GCSE maths, these include quadratic equations, statistical diagrams and trigonometry. There is an emphasis on reasoning and ensuring students can communicate their mathematics clearly. Students learn a mixture of skills that will be crucial for progressing to more advanced study, whilst also studying content that will be useful in day to day life such as learning about interest rates. GCSE Mathematics is assessed at two tiers, higher and foundation. As a department we ensure that students are entered for the tier that best supports their next steps once they complete their GCSEs. For those students who would benefit from an extra level of challenge we offer the opportunity to study the AQA L2 certificate in further maths.

Key Stage 5

Mathematics is the most popular A Level choice at the Academy and nationally. Students are supported through what is a challenging course by a team of experienced A Level teachers. Students typically have two A Level teachers, one for Pure Mathematics and one for Applied Mathematics. Pure Mathematics builds upon the algebra and geometry topics studied at GCSE allowing students to gain new skills such as how to differentiate and integrate a variety of functions. Applied Mathematics has two components: statistics and mechanics. Studying statistics teaches students to analyse data, work with probability and use statistical distributions to test hypotheses. Mechanics overlaps with Physics A Level, through the study of force and motion. Students have access to Mathematics mentors who provide support with homework, revision and any additional support they may need.


A Level Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is ideal for students who are considering studying Mathematics, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Economics or related degrees at university. Further Mathematics gives students who are passionate mathematicians the opportunity to learn more advanced techniques and to experience more complex topics such as matrices, complex numbers and polar curves. The course consists of both compulsory and optional content, allowing students to specialise in a given area and enabling them to be better prepared for their chosen university course. As a department we have experience of supporting students with Mathematics university entrance exams such as TMUA, MAT and STEP.


Term Plans


Exam Specifications

GCSE Mathematics AQA (8300) – Click here to see the specifications
L2 Further Mathematics AQA (8365) – Click here to see the specifications
A Level Mathematics Edexcel – Click here to see the specifications
A Level Further Mathematics Edexcel – Click here to see the specifications



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